Raspberry Ketone Diet: Dr OZ's Recommendation

Raspberry Ketones are on an unprecedented trajectory. They are gaining popularity so fast that it has befuddled nutritionists and manufacturers alike. Of course, every nutritionist testified to the effectiveness of the compound but nobody thought it would catch on so fast. Recently, Dr. Oz introduced the supplement on his show and bore testimony to the impact that Raspberry Ketones could have.

On his show, Dr. Oz featured photos of people who had used the compound and emphasized the effectiveness. I am pretty sure that if nothing else, it is Dr. Oz’s excitement about Raspberry Ketones that would convince you of their effectiveness. So what really make Raspberry Ketones so effective? Let us take a look.

These days, most dietary or weight-loss supplements make a lot of claims. Some of these claim that they could induce a weight loss of 2 to 5 pounds in a single week, others say they would also detox the body, some even go on to claim that they strengthen the immune system.

However, when the cute little Dr. Oz endorses a supplement, it usually has some weight behind it. For years, we have all relied on the Doctor to provide us with valuable insights, and in the case of Ketones, he has been an absolute gem to introduce it to all his viewers.

Dr. Oz rates Raspberry Ketones as the best fat-burning supplement ever, ranking it as number one on a long list of supplements. He is of the view that the organic nature of the Ketones make them very attractive to a market that is wary of products with side-effects.

The doctor further said that the substance works effectively in a short period of time and the miraculous effects are noticeable very quickly. Dr. Oz himself was quite skeptical initially but then he saw people who had actually used it and was thus convinced.

Nutritionists suggest that Raspberry Ketones increase the count of adiponectin in your body. This protein basically enhances metabolism and breaks down fat cells for energy usage. With more adiponectin in your body, your lose fat faster.

Dr. Oz continues to say that the ketones are most effective when coupled with exercise and diet control. Rather than treating it as a one stop shop for fat loss, the ketones should be considered an additional aid.

Of course, one may ask as to what is the need of spending on Ketone pills when we could easily eat raspberries. Yes, you may do that but you will have to eat enormous amounts of the fruit to achieve the effect that the supplement has.

While purchasing the supplements, there are a few things that you must keep in mind:

  1. Buy products made in US because they are more reliable and under stricter FDA control.
  2. Only buy products that are approved by the FDA. They may cost more but are secure and safe.
  3. Don’t expect overnight results, and don’t expect to lose 30 pounds with just a few supplements.
  4. Avoid free trials as they are mostly a scam.