Deer Antler - A Miracle Cure For Arthritis

Arthritis is a painful and disabling autoimmune inflammatory disease that is believed to affect approximately 1% of the world’s population. Osteoarthritis is the most common type arthritis out there and it is characterized by a broad range of symptoms that can make it impossible to do simple tasks such as knocking on doors or ringing door bells. 

The Deer Hunter, one of the most popular Journals in the world, once published the story of a longtime victim of arthritis, Joyce Ellmer, who was 62 years old at that time. According to the journal, Joyce’s arthritis was so painful that she could not even knock on doors. 

Miracle cure

What was interesting about Joyce’s case, however, was not her inability to knock doors or to perform other simple tasks. The interesting thing about her case was that Joyce had suddenly stumbled upon a miraculous cure for her arthritis - and that was precisely why her story was featured in The Deer Hunter.

According to Joyce, this “miraculous cure” had completely gotten rid of her agonizing pain and swelling in a matter of days. By the time her story was featuring on the Journal, Joyce had already been using her “miracle cure” for 2 years. Not only had her pain and swelling disappeared completely, but she could now knock on doors and perform everyday tasks without any difficulties. 

Deer Antler Velvet

Joyce’s “miracle cure’ was none other than Deer Antler Velvet – a nutritional supplement manufactured from deer antlers. Simply known as velvet, deer antler velvet has anti-inflammatory properties that are believed to be very effective in treating arthritis. 

Interestingly, according to Joyce, there were times when her velvet would run out and her pain would come back within days. But as soon as she replenished her supply, the pain would disappear completely. Since Joyce’s story, many long-term sufferers of arthritis have made deer antler velvet a normal part of their daily supplement regiment, and a good number have come out and given positive testimonies.

Some have argued that Joyce Ellmer’s story is unreliable or anecdotal, but the fact that a good number of renowned scientists, including Russia’s Dr. Arkady Koulton, agree that antler velvet is indeed beneficial in treating arthritis, among other infectious diseases, says a lot about the remedy. 

TONEPEAK Deer Antler Velvet Extract

Deer Antler Velvet efficiency

While it’s true that deer antler velvet has been discovered to have amazing healing capacities, its healing powers largely depend on a number of factors including the antler’s age during harvest, the segment of antler harvested, and the processing techniques applied.
Generally, according to experts, the most effective velvet should come from the tips of the antler, should ideally be harvested between day 55-60 of growth, and should be cold processed. 

Finally, not all products that claim to contain deer antler velvet on the market today are to be trusted. Fortunately, techniques that can identify fake deer antler products are underway and soon it will be quite easy to distinguish between fake and genuine products. Nonetheless, with or without identification techniques and processes, it is still advisable to purchase velvet from a respected dealer. In addition to arthritis, deer antler velvet has shown promising results for healing a broad range of illnesses including stomach ulcers, asthma, and sinusitis.