Health Facts: NO-Nitric Oxide

Today, we bring to you the expertise of Clayton South which is a well-known name in the world of fitness.

So what is Nitric Oxide and what are its origins?

This is basically a gaseous substance produced by our body which is used by cells for communication. The gas is produced when amino acids are broken down in the body. The substance is produced when Nitric Oxide Synthase converts amino acid L-arginine into L-citruline.

There has been plenty of proof regarding the substance’s effectiveness. A Royal Society paper wrote on this subject that a huge amount of research has proven Nitric Oxide’s effectiveness in a variety of health issues, that it is apparent as to how far-reaching effects this compound has and that it performs a whole host of tasks within the body. It went on to say that Nitric Oxide plays a major role in the stabilizing of the blood pressure as well as in the dilation of blood vessels. Not just this, but even the immune system is aided by this compound in fighting off disease. Lastly, NO helps the nervous system and indirectly aids memory, sleep cycle stability and body’s pain management system.

While all these meritorious qualities are enough to impress anyone, NO has one special trait that impresses those obsessed with fitness; its ability to add muscle. It has been used by athletes and gym freaks to get bulkier and add muscle.

The compound’s ability to affect the circulation of blood and its role in pain management as well as fighting inflammation is worthy of notice. The role it plays in the circulation of blood is especially important for those who hit the gym frequently. A greater circulation of blood means more nutrients are delivered to the muscles which would naturally have positive results. This way, the bodybuilders can develop larger muscles much quicker. The compound allows the body to be subjected to much greater stress and still make the pain bearable. Its anti-inflammation ability helps to fend off the fear of injury.

Lastly, the substance also helps the release of adrenalin as well as gonadotropin.

Nitric Oxide is something which is almost a necessity for the body. It becomes even more crucial when you are trying to build muscle. Bodybuilders can benefit from the substance because it regulates and increases blood flow which allows more nutrients to be delivered to the muscles thus helping with growth and repair. Also, it dilates the blood vessels and can be very useful to treat erectile dysfunction. You should know that if you feel a lot of fatigue, or if you are unable to get erect or maintain it, then you may be suffering from deficiency.

Excess of anything is bad, and the same is true of this substance as well. Too much of the substance could lead to weakness and nausea. People have different tolerance levels so you must gauge your own tolerance level before using it. Also, if you are using protein powders, you might want to check if they contain arginine, and if yes, you should then gauge how much of NO you must consume from the supplements.

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